Vehicle MOT Guide

Once your car celebrates its third birthday, then you need to remember that it is time for the MOT test. Now, the abbreviation for MOT is quite simple- the Ministry of Transport test. The test will check whether your car meets the necessary road safety, as well as environmental standards. There are several authorized centres that you can find for mot. These businesses may alsof offer laser wheel alignment. In fact, a simple online search is all that you need to find out more about MOT near you.

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Time taken

Contrary to what many people think, your MOT test will not take more than an hour. While there are several checks done, the engine is exempt and perhaps this explains while it gets done in quick time. However, just in case your car fails the test, then it may need to be left behind for the necessary repairs. There could be instances when a test centre may ask you to leave your car behind and collect it at a specified time. You must therefore be ready to head back without your car in case of such a situation arising.

Checklist for MOT

Do some online research when you need to take your car for MOT Birmingham. There are scores of websites which can help you. This will ensure that you know what to expect. Make sure that you have the following checklist with you when you are dealing with MOT Birmingham.

- The first thing that you need to check are the lights in your car. Every light, weather in the front, rear or inside the car need to be working properly. If any bulb is not, then make sure that you replace them before the test. When checking the brake light take another person's help. He or she can check the brake lights glow when you apply the brake.
- Check all the tyres for the tread depth. Remember, your tyres will need a minimum 1.6 mm of tread depth in order to pass the test. You must also check your tyres for any signs of damage due to cuts. Then of course there is the pressure aspect. Before you go to the test make sure that the tyres show the right pressure.
- One of the often-neglected parts are the seat belts. They should fasten properly. They are not only important from the test point of view, but because they are the ones that will protect someone in case of an unfortunate accident.
- What about the suspension? It should be in such a condition that it offers the rider a smooth ride.
- Now Birmingham is a city where it rains often and it is therefore important that you check the windscreen wipers. The driver must be clearly able to view the road ahead.
- The handbrake is another important part that you need to check.
- Just in case you know someone who already has got experience with MOT, then seek their help. You can also do a thorough check yourself and seek such a person's help to cross verify whether everything is working properly and the car is ready for the test.